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Chinese Liaoning women entrepreneurs seek for business opportunities in Europe

Release Date:2017-03-02 Source: Click:1629Second

Release Date2016-09-09 Source: Editor: Fan Yunbo 


Invited by EU-China Friendship Association, the delegation jointly organized by Liaoning Province Women Entrepreneurs Association and Liaoning Committee for Pacific Economic Cooperation, recently arrived in the Belgian capital Brussels, and began to visit 5 European countries, including Belgium, France, Germany.


Head of the delegation Chen Zhe, who is also vice-president of Hanking Group, said that this visit aimed to broaden women entrepreneurs’ international vision and carry out international exchanges and cooperation. “Women entrepreneurs often have a unique perspective in perceiving potential opportunity. The overseas study and exchange tour provides such a chance to explore new cooperation," Chen Zhe said.


During the visit, the delegation met with Chairman of the EU-China European Friendship: Deva and Chairman of the EU-China Friendship Association: Delk Van. They also held conversation with people in charge from the European Union of Coal, the British high-end business club and other organizations.  The Delegation are expected to visit the brewing industry, mining equipment manufacturers, new building materials enterprises, clothing and footwear industry and preschool education projects in relevant countries. They look forward to strengthening pragmatic cooperation with countries in these areas.


Liaoning Province Women Entrepreneurs Association was founded in 1993. The members include the women entrepreneurs and female senior managers from different industries and different ownership enterprises.


Brussels, November 11, 2014, Xinhua (reporter Wu Changrong)