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Chinese Mission to the EU and EU-China Friendship Group host a cocktail party

Release Date:2017-03-02 Source:Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China Click:1679Second

Chinese Mission to the EU hosted a cocktail party for EU-China Friendship Group of the European Parliament on December 8, 2014. Chargé d’Affaires of the Chinese Mission to the EU, Mr. Zhang Lirong, Chairman of the Group, Deva, Vice-Chairman of the Group and Chairman of the Association, Vaughan attended the party. In addition, members of the Group, MEP’s assistants, diplomatic officials of the Mission were present.


In the speeches, Deva and Vaughan all highlighted that EU and China were mutually indispensable partners. They admired the remarkable achievement of China since open and reform policy, and believed that China would play an increasingly important role. “As the persons in charge of the Group and the Association, we are responsible for enhancing the mutual understanding and cooperation with Chinese homologues, making more MEPs know more about China and its development.” And the mutually beneficial cooperation in sectors of economics, culture. academics, and infrastructure should be advanced.

With the relaxing and amicable atmosphere, both sides interacted actively. For some MEPs and assistants, it was their first time to visit the Chinese Mission to the EU. They hadn’t been in China but held great interests with China and had the desire to know more. They appreciated the hospitality of the Mission and magnificent activities, adding that they would like to promote the mutual understanding and cooperation with efforts.